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The last two decades of war and conflicts has heavily damaged all communities like social, economic, political institution, human assets and material infrastructures. The damage on physical infrastructure has been so general that it wrapped in its fire all sorts of infrastructure from residential houses in the villages to the residential cluster in the cities, public buildings in districts, provinces, and the capital; industrial states; roads, high ways, irrigation system, and hydrological dames etc.
With the formation of new government Afghanistan is back on its way to normal and rehabilitation, and is recovering from the symptoms of war and conflict in terms of establishing good governance, security, and economic prosperity. In other words, security, good governance and economic success could only be achieved wherein intervention in one area is closely linked with intervention in another area.
Analyzing the complete scenario as presented above a group of professional Afghans consisted of expert people in different sectors such as Civil Engineers, Road Engineer, Construction Engineer, Mechanics Water Supply Engineers, Administrators and other experts dedicated to the stability and economic prosperity of the beloved country Afghanistan through participating in Rehabilitation process of public affairs to rebuild the damaged infrastructures, and to rebuild a new Afghanistan for its people, we are proud to say that our company (ACC) AFAQ Construction Co.Ltd, Is a trusted and well managed company for every kind of construction works in Afghanistan.
And AFAQ Construction Company is a non political company which founded in 22 – 12 – 82 or (13 – March - 2004) and since that this company was busy in development and construction programs in difference sectors.
The 25 years war and it is consequences neglect and deprivation and economy the pollution existence of million land mines and rapid population growth combined to damage the environment rehabilitation process health development and living standard of the people
in fact country was at risk in one way or another voluble old growth forest destroyed or seriously depleted museums, archives, and historical beside other resources were high damage or looted.
The AFAQ Construction Company for Afghanistan would like to work and struggle together with international society for welfare rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan.
ACC is an Afghan managed companion dedicated to sustainable activities for rehabilitation engineering and relives effort for Afghanistan will function in line within the laws and regulation of the government of Afghanistan