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List of completed projects

No Name of project Project Location Client Contract No. Year
69 Construction of Petab-e-laghman Second Floor school in Bamyan Bamyan UNHCR AFG01-0000005519 2020
68 Security Improvement works of Hesco Barriers at East & West side of UNOCA Compound UNOCA Compound. Kabul UNAMA 2200152189 2020
67 Repair of Flood Damages & other improvement works UNAMA Compound. Gardez UNAMA 2200147178 2019
66 Supply and installation of waste water Alpha compound UANAM 470001591 2019
66 Supply and installation of waste water Alpha compound UANAM 470001591 2019
65 General Improvement works at UNAMA Compounds in Afghanistan.(Kabul . Kandahar . Gardiz and Maimana ) provinces UNAMA Compounds UANAM 4700012773 2019
64 Construction of 30 Beds Hospital Building with all facilities. Baghlan Ministry of Public Health NPA/MOPH/95/W-1203/NCB 2019
63 Construction of Concrete Road with the related Drainage Canal and Culverts Gozar 28 of Six District of Kabul UN Habitat Annex- 13.17 2019
62 Improvement works of New Car Parking UNAMA Compoundin Kandahar UNAMA 4700011551 2018
61 Construction and Paving of Road at UNOCA compound East Side. East site of UNOCA compound UNAMA 4700012753 2018
59 Security Improvement works at UNAMA Jalalabad UANAM 4700015191 2018
58 Security Improvement works at North Gate of UNOCA Compound UNOCA UANAM 4700012761 2018
57 Construction of Sukhtagi School Project Yakawalang district .Bamyan province Nai Qala - 2018
56 Security improvement works at UNAMA regional offices UNAMA offices Mazar.Jalalabad.Kandahar UNAMA AMA/CON/16/031 2017
55 Operation and Maintenance Services for Water Treatment plant. UNOCA UNOCA AMA/CON/16/030 2016
55 Security Improvement .works and Renovation of IDG Accommodation. UNOCA UNOCA AMA/CON/16/011 2016
54 Improvement works at UNAMA Regional compound. Jalalabad. Jalalabad UNAMA AMA/CON/15/051 2016
53 Improvement and Repair of Road in Alpha compound Kabul UNAMA AMA/CON/15/055 2016
52 Construction of Dewan School at Waras District. Bamyan Nai-Qala Assiciation - 2015
51 Construction of Zera Gag Girls High School at Panjab District. Bamyan Nai-Qala Assiciation - 2015
50 Construction of Chihel Burj High School at Yakawalang District .Bamyan Province. Bamyan ADRA/JICA - 2015
49 Construction of Zard Nay Girl High School Project at Waras District. Bamyan Province. Bamyan ADRA/JICA - 2015
48 Construction of Patab Joy and Qowmi yari Schools Bamyan province /Waras district ADRA Afghanistan - 2014
47 Upgrading of water Supply system including of Building Construction Work. UNOCA Kabul Afghanistan UNAMA AMA/CON/13/075 2014
46 Repairing and reconstruction of UNAMA compound B kitchen Kabul Compound B of UNAMA UNAMA - 2014
45 Construction of guard towers in compound B of UNAMA Kabul Compound B of UNAMA UNAMA Work order 2014
44 Construction of 5 room latrine in Asef mael school Kabul 13th distrcit Nai Qala Association - 1014
43 Construction of Zard sang boys school . Tarapas boys school and Bastook girls school . Panjab and Waras districts /Bamian province ADRA Afghanistan - 2013
42 Minor construction project of UNOCA compounds in Kabul city for one year (2013) UONCA Compound UNAMA AMA/CON/12/054 2013
41 Construction of Safad Ghaw primary school Waras district /Bamian province Nai Qala Association NQA/SP2/ 013 2013
40 Construction of Tagab Barg and Katway girls school Bamian province Nai Qala Association NQA/SP1/ 012 2012
39 Construction of Maroof and Sabz dara high school Bamian province ADRA Afghanistan - 2012
38 Construction of parking pavement and sheds at the UNAMA airport terminal UNAMA airport terminal /International airport terminal UNAMA AMA/CON/12/020 2012
37 Renovation of 12 Accommodation Units at UNV Guest house.UNOCA complex UNOCA compound Kabul.Afghanistan. UNAMA AMA/CON/11/045 2011
36 Construction of security enhancement project (Phase II ) of UNAMA Baghlan province sub office Baghlan Province UNAMA AMA/CON/11/028 2011
35 Construction of Transport workshop and warehouse. Kabul UNAMA AMA/CON/11/09 2011
34 Construction of security enhancement project (Phase II ) of UNAMA Dikondi province sub office Nili-Daikondi UNAMA AMA/CON/10/073 2010
33 Construction of Comprehensive Health Clinic Bamyan Province NZPRT TGC/NZA/1003 2011
32 Contraction and installation of steel Kunar UNAMA AMA 11-909 2011
31 Providing of Security Guard for UNAMA Reginald office. Ghazni UNAMA AMA 10-812 2011
30 Construction of ARBABA Environmental Park Ghazni TXADT PRT TX-ADT1-036A 2010
29 Construction of security Enhancement project kunar UNAMA AMA/CON/10/054 2010
28 Construction of security Enhancement project Paktia province UNAMA Compound UNAMA AMA/CON/10/041 2010
27 Construction of women affairs building Ghazni province Women affairs WOMEN AFFAIRS/GH 2010
26 Construction of security wall and approach road Ghazni province UNAMA Compound UNAMA AMA/CON/048 2010
25 Construction of UNAMA office building Ghazni province UNAMA Compound UNAMA AMA/CON/044 2010
24 Security enhancement project Gardiz city Paktia province UNDP -   2010
23 Construction of Bunker Gardiz UNAMA REGIONAL OFFICE -   2010
22 Construction of 48 Accommodation building in UNOCA Compound Kabul / UNOCA Compound UNAMA AMA /CON/O74 2010
21 Electrical works of accommodation buildings Kabul UNAMA AMA11-116 2010
20 Construction of security Enhancement Kabul (UN compound C) UNAMA - 2009
19 Construction of Nayak Girls High School surrounding wall. Nayak District   TGC/NZ/0907 2009
18 Construction of 3 personal protective shelter bunkers Kabul (UN Compound) UNAMA AMA9-765 2009
17 Construction of Bunker Kabul Air port UNAMA AMA9-765 2009
16 Construction of DFAC Bamian province NZPRT W91B4N-09-C-8171 2009
15 Stone masonry protection wall Samangan province MRRD/DIAG MRRD/MABOP/DIAG/176/SNG/87 2009
14 Construction of latrines Ghazni Province UNICEF/MRRD UNICEF/MRRD/GH 2008
13 Comprehensive health clinic Jaghuri district Ghazni province PRT/GHAZNI Ghazni-Jagori-7212-20424 2008
12 Water Retention dam Nawor district Ghazni province NSP NSP/GHAZNI 2008
11 Water Retention dam Nawor district Ghazni province NSP NSP/GHAZNI 2008
10 Water retention dam Deh Yak district Ghazni province Ghazni PRT #4362.GHAZNI-DIHYAK-7065 2008
9 Construction of Dowlat Khan secondary school Khoja Omari district Ghazni province UNICEF UNICEF/GHAZNI 2007
8 Ghazni hospital extension building Ghazni city Ghazni province PRT/GHAZNI 2611. Ghazni – Alldis - 6297 2007
7 Soil test project Qarabagh & Jaghatu districts Ghazni province PRT/GH Ghazni-alldis-7035-4084 2007
6 Water retention dam Jaghatu district of Ghazni province Ghazni PRT 4363. Ghazni – Jaghat- 7065 2007
5 Haji Jelan market Ghazni city Himself HIMESELF/GH 2006
4 Well drilling Deh yak district Ghazni province UNICEF UNICEF/GH 2006
3 Qarabaghi well repairing Ander district Ghazni province PRT/Ghazni Ghazni-Andar-6290-2561 2006
2 Well drilling Nawor district Ghazni province UNOPS/MRRD UNOPS/MRRD/GH 2005
1 Reconstruction of Ghazni Airport Building for election (2005) Ghazni air port Ghazni province UNOPS UNOPS/GH 2005